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HABOC AKC Agility Trial

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Judge Kristine M Schmidt wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. She’s from Long Island and is a little brusque. I don’t know, I’m not looking for a new BFF, just a fair judge with fun courses, and she provided those!

Her courses were really technical and challenging but still fun, and they were quite devious in that often the solution you found for the challenge created a whole new challenge!

Nina had a perfect NQ weekend but ran fast and happy and sassy and I will take ANY NQ’s like that! Love her! She didn’t knock any bars all weekend either!

Zhora had a FAST Q on Saturday (her only Q that day), and QQ #95 today. Our “slump” (such as it is) is I think because she’s kicked up a notch in speed and distance and it’s taking me a while to adjust my handling to it so our mojo is off. She’s amazing. I love her so much and she loves this game so much. I am very lucky to have her.

And ALICE! Her first time doing “real” agility and she ACED it. Beautiful FAST Q (her second NFP leg!), beautiful Standard Q (her first NAP leg!) and got the zoomies in Jumpers, which I was happy about! She seems to stress up like her mum and grandma, which is perfect. I dared to fix the weave poles in Standard but I USED her zoomies in Jumpers and was thrilled she came back and worked with me even with an attack of the crazies going on. Just thrilled with her. My goals are simple: show her how much fun this can be, get some experience under her belt, find the holes in my training, zero expectations otherwise. We are doing one day a weekend plus games on other days if appropriate. I am going to be strict with myself per Melanie Miller’s advice and fix just about nothing.

There is a HORRIBLE wind storm going on here, big branch off the tree in front…we are SO glad we put the money into trimming that tree and taking down the dead ones!

Zhora Saturday Jumpers (NQ):

Nina Saturday Jumpers (NQ):

Zhora Saturday FAST (Q):

Alice Saturday FAST (Q, NFP leg #2!):

Zhora Saturday Standard (NQ):

Nina Saturday Standard (NQ):

Alice Saturday Standard (NAP Leg #1!):

Alice Saturday Jumpers (ZOOM!):

Zhora Sunday Jumpers (QQ #95, 16 points):

Nina Sunday Jumpers (NQ):

Zhora Sunday Standard (QQ #95, 29 points):

Nina Sunday Standard (NQ):


Monday, February 18th, 2019
Lobo’s Crazy 8’s Bronze Title

Lobo’s owner Jan Robles says:


Crazy 8s is a fun two minute search for 8 rats hidden along with four litter tubes. Your dog earns 10 points for each rat, a climb, and tunnel. A false alert is minus 20 points as are failures to climb or tunnel. A second false alert is a NQ. 500 points are required to earn the Bronze title.

My Little Man loves this game. “

Lobo is Alkemi Beowulf del Roble LS and Zhora’s brother. This is Lobo’s THIRD breed first. Jan and Lobo are a force of nature!

Alice Training

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

SO happy with how she is coming along. Various videos of coursework and weave pole work. Very happy with how her start line stay is coming, I need to remember to be very clear about actually handling the first obstacle for her though. I LOVE her attitude and sticktuitiveness, and how she’s starting to reallyy build speed.

Doberman Club of America AKC Agility Trial

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Judge Ginger Robertson set some technical, tight and fun courses for us. And NINA IS BACK! Feeling great, like her old self, sassing me, crazy to get going, just does my heart so much good to be playing with her again!

Zhora earned QQ #94, an uncharacteristic bar cost us a QQQ, and two NQ’s today, but fast and fun and awesome runs.

Zhora Saturday Jumpers (QQ #94, third place, 15 points):

Nina Saturday Jumpers (NQ, but WHO CARES!?):

Zhora Saturday FAST (NQ):

Zhora Saturday Standard (QQ #94, second place, 27 points):

Zhora Sunday Jumpers (NQ, nice run):

Nina Sunday Jumpers (NQ, I got in her way):

Zhora Sunday Standard (NQ, rear crossed the weaves!):

Nina Sunday Standard (NQ but nice run!):


Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

Today was Nina’s first practice since we worried we could lose her at New Year’s. She’s BACK!

Alice is coming along wonderfully (and is in season, hence the leopard print).


Alice coursework:

Alice weave work: