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Day 61 – Stage 1!

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Starting around 7 this morning it looks like Alice is in stage 1 labor. She did some nesting overnight, didn’t want breakfast, vomited and has been progressively getting more restless. Episodes of panting, digging/nesting and whining now. She is having little contractions to start moving the puppies down into position to be born. This stage can take several hours. Normal whelping occurs between days 61-65 of ovulation (often larger litters earlier in that window and smaller litters later). So day 61 is perfectly normal.

At 12:47 we welcomed the first of the D litter, and the last at 2:22. The fastest whelping I’ve ever had, and during the DAY too.

She was a rock star. I was pretty sure she’d spend the day in stage 1 and start delivering just as my repro vet closed (even though I have her home and cell numbers, I’d rather not have to use them). She’s being an amazing mother.

We have four girls and three boys.

Everyone born, box not yet cleaned up