Nina Has A Busted Tooth

Nina has fractured one of her canine teeth (fangs) fairly badly in a way that makes the tooth vulnerable to further fracture, and it may turn out that the best option for her is to have the tooth crowned. For big, frequently-used teeth like this they apparently often need to use a metal crown for durability (and so the tooth stays functional) – and when they say “metal” they mean big ol’ shiny chrome. We will hopefully know more next week. 🙁

If she DOES need a metal crown, I plan to follow the advice of one of the assistants at work, and get a big “N” in diamonds on it, so Nina’s grill has some bling.

On a brighter note, Riley stopped by work for a visit today, he was very happy to see me, but was pretty sure someone there was plotting to neuter him a second time.

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