SVCA National Specialty Day 2

So…I am having the best time catching up with old Vallhund friends and spending time with new ones!

Nina’s Jumpers With Weaves today was a thing of beauty, she knocked a bar early or it would have been a perfect Q – fast, accurate, quiet, perfect weave entry, just awesome. Tish had a great time zooming around, but held her stay, came back and worked, and generally was a happy, speedy baby dog!

Tish’s Standard was another happy zoomfest (my only goal with her was to get her running fast and having fun, and we got that at least!). Nina’s…was a disaster. I knew I was in trouble at the start when she wouldn’t sit and I stupidly didn’t pull her…it got worse from there, wild, crazy maniac Nina was in full-on rabies mode! I pulled her after she flew off the teeter, and I had a hard time getting her to hold still long enough for me to grab her, she was spinning and barking and generally being a maniac. The judge was very nice and laughed and said she was telling me “screw you, mom!”.

So we had fun….

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