Butler Dog Training Club AKC Agility Trial

We finally broke our NQ streak, but barely. Nina won Time 2 Beat on Friday, and got Jumpers today for 16 points. We were close in the other runs, although she came off the table today. Some fun courses from judge Susan Stephon (and I met her handsome Cardigan Corgi Crush).

Tish did wonderfully today! She WEAVED in both her runs, Jumpers on the second try and Standard on the third.  She was fast and happy today and seemed comfortable. We are only going to do a day or two here and there for now, but I was happy with how she did today.

Nina Sunday Jumpers (16 points and first place):

Tish Sunday Jumpers:

Tish Sunday Standard:

And here is Zhora having fun at 8″ at the match (look at those contacts!):

Nina’s 2015 Nationals tally: 1/4 double Q’s, 13/20 legs, 232/500 points

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