Admiral Perry Obedience Training Club AKC Agility Trial

Interesting courses from judge Windle Ewing. He sure likes 180’s and serps… the courses on the whole ran much better than they walked. He’s a super-nice guy but he takes his time and I was glad it was a tiny trial in terms of entries since otherwise we’d have been there until midnight. He is very generous with his calls (you will see Nina’s standard Q from yesterday almost wasn’t at the teeter), and pretty generous with his wheel (except when he isn’t). Nina earned 31 points in that standard run! We got jumpers on Friday for 15 points and would have had standard except for my big mouth costing us a bar, which is also what happened in jumpers yesterday! DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH WHEN NINA IS JUMPING YOU IDIOT!

Tish ran fast and happy but didn’t weave, not even on the second or third try (I ran her in standard today and purposefully didn’t even ask her to weave, pulled her away from them). She is entered one day next weekend and then she isn’t trialing any more until we figure out the weave issue (or don’t).

Zhora was the superstar of the weekend, earning herself Novice jumpers AND Novice standard legs #2 in a Novice double Q! The judge said in the not-brief-briefing that you could still Q with an 85, and Zhora decided to prove him right in standard, she used every one of her allowed faults! She got her weaves on the first try and I celebrated so much that she switched to handler focus so much that she ran past a jump and had to go back to it, typical baby dog stuff. Her jumpers run was perfect other than needing all three tries at the weaves (heel side is not any of my dogs’ best side!). She visited the judge once when he was right in her line of sight and couldn’t resist, but she came right back and worked. She had a beautiful start line stay in Jumpers, did her perfect 2 on 2 off teeter in Standard, AND she sassed me quite a bit, which I love! Her Jumpers run was really speedy too, I am so happy with how she is doing!

Nina Friday Jumpers (15 points):

Nina Saturday Standard (31 points):

Zhora Saturday Standard (Novice Standard Leg #2!):

Zhora Saturday Jumpers (Novice Jumpers Leg #2!):

Nina Sunday Jumpers (NQ but nice run on a course with some seriously funky angles and traps):

Tish Sunday Standard (weaves missed on purpose):

Nina’s 2015 Nationals tally: 1/4 double Q’s, 16/20 legs, 306/500 points

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