Youngstown All Breed Training Club AKC Agility Trial

This was our first time traveling to Niles, Ohio for a trial. What a lovely venue and a great bunch of people! The dogs loved running there, Zhora did some of her best yards per second to date, and Nina was 1/100th of a second out of a placement in Jumpers today (some of the fastest 8″ dogs in the country were at this trial, so no surprise!). Zhora and I took a lesson with our friend Sue Verbocy to try and figure out what happened to Zhora’s weaves last weekend, and what Sue helped us with worked! Zhora went 3 for 4 this weekend and earned double Q #6! Nina ran beautifully, only pulled out a Jumpers Q today (on a course with a really tricky weave entry), but had some gorgeous JOLT (Just One Little Thing) runs. Louise McCombs was there from Colorado with her two Vallhunds, so we had a miniature regional specialty with just the two of us! Judges Ron McClelland and Deborah Funk designed some tricky but fun courses.

Nina Saturday Jumpers (what a heartbreaker, my fault for not handling that jump after the tunnel near the end):

Zhora Saturday Jumpers (Q and 9 points):

Nina Sunday Standard (such a nice run but that off course got a lot of dogs, Nina was no exception!):

Zhora Sunday Standard (hooray for startline stays! Part 1 of double Q #6! 18 points):

Nina Sunday Jumpers (Q 1/100th of a second out of fourth place, 12 points):

Zhora Sunday Jumpers (5 points, double Q #6!):

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