Admiral Perry Obedience Training Club AKC Agility Trial

Some really nice moments (including crazy fast Zhora) but not our best weekend. Zhora earned two JWW Q’s, and a really nice Premier JWW Q (on a course where she and Denise’s Zealous were the only dogs to qualify, perhaps you needed to have a Z name to qualify?). Nina had some gorgeous runs (including a 5.5 YPS JWW run with one lousy bar down) but between us we couldn’t manage a Q. Judge Laura English gave us some fun but very tricky courses. I feel so lucky that Nina is running the fastest she has ever run at nearly 10!

Zhora Saturday Jumpers (Q, first place, 17 points):

Nina Saturday Jumpers (argh):

Zhora Saturday Standard (that jump to teeter section tripped up a lot of teams, we were no exception):

Nina Saturday Standard (some really nice bits):

Zhora Sunday Premier Jumpers (Q, first place, she really understands collection vs extension):

Zhora Sunday Jumpers (Q, first place, 20 points):

Nina Sunday Jumpers (one lousy bar, such a nice run, 5.5 YPS):

Zhora Sunday Standard (I didn’t connect with her after the jump after the first tunnel, which is what sent her off course):

Nina Sunday Standard (I didn’t front cross after the weaves, which is what sent HER off course):

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