17 Days Old!

They got LOTS of time out of the box for snuggles yesterday. And Orson knows how to HOWL! I tried to get it on video but haven’t managed yet. Today he crawled away from everyone while Zhora was feeding and cleaning them because he had to poop (since both he and Popcorn are starting to try and eliminate away from the others, even thought Zhora is still stimulating them and cleaning them, I will put a litterbox in there asap)….but apparently pooping on your own is worth howling about. Zhora isn’t ready to not clean up after them (good mama), so she followed him and helped him out. Very cool to see them start displaying their natural instincts to keep the den clean. And hilarious that he has to sing about it!

Popcorn and Ruffles (the best pillow is your big sister)


Chex and Frito (the best pillow is your little brother)

Chex (tongue out Sunday!)

2 Responses to “17 Days Old!”

  1. Eric S Bibler Says:

    Your dedication to the welfare of Zhora and the puppies is inspiring! Thank you, too, for chronicling their progress and the various treatments to keep mother and pups healthy and well-adjusted. Indeed, “it’s always something” – but so far nothing you can’t handle.

    And the puppies are adorable…..

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Orson sounds like a real hoot. They’re growing up so fast!

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