Black Rebel Motorcycle Club….oh do I love this band. Do I have a favorite band? I have several. But they’re it anyway.

I bought my tickets the second they went on sale, sitting at an agility trial on a Friday morning refreshing the page on my phone. I went with my cousin Susan, who is AWESOME to see music with (we went to Luna together too). We discussed trying to see them the next night in Toronto, but ringing ears made us nervous about a second assault on our hearing 24 hours later….I still kinda wish we had, though. I think needing a hearing aid sooner might well have been a reasonable trade for another show like this one.

They were at the Town Ballroom and what an AWESOME venue to see a band in. Intimate but big enough, very good sound (ringing ears notwithstanding), just a cool place.


Set list. They played Berlin AND Stop AND White Palms, plus most of the new album (which is awesome).

Opening band Pete International Airport were also excellent, and Rob came out and sang with them for one song, which was cool.

About the only thing I’d have changed was to have situated ourselves on the other side of the stage (by Peter), or even better in front.

Holy shit Leah Shapiro can drum. I am not easily impressed by drummers, but she’s really, really good.

We danced, we shouted, we WOO’d, we sang.

Hope they come back soon, but I’d drive to California to see them again.

Shitty phone pictures and video (not much makes me want to get a real camera again as much as live music does):

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