Day 4! Nail Trims!

So their nails were sharp so I trimmed them. It’s a bit fraught since the nails are tiny at this age. I use a human nail nipper and just catch the hook at the end of the nail and snip it. I didn’t do back nails yet, I’ll do those tomorrow.

Everyone is growing well, and Alice is really proving to be just a stellar mother. She is quite upset if I leave her for any length of time right now but that will ease off with time.

Turn your volume up for what puppies sound like when they’re practicing the theremin complaining about someone muscling in on their nipple:

Alice being a good mama:


I hope to get the puppycam up and running asap!

Weigh in:

Alfa (and yes, that’s how it’s spelled in international radio code): 318 grams (213 at birth)

Bravo: 283 grams (205 at birth)

Charlie: 269 grams (173 at birth)

Delta: 332 grams (220 at birth)

Echo: 273 grams (176 at birth)

Foxtrot: 337 grams (213 at birth) – CHONK!

Golf: 325 grams (225 at birth)

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