22 Days Old

The puppies celebrated being three weeks and one day old with THREE exciting events!

They had their first visit in the Big House that Jim finished putting together today, it’s in our living room so right in the middle of everything. At 6×8 it’s a huge space for them right now.

Then they had their first visitors. Chris and Nichole have had two Alkemi puppies and have been social distancing carefully so we were excited to have them come and be the first not-us puppy visitors. Alice was happy to have a good back scritch while she stopped by to provide refreshments!

And third they tasted their first REAL FOOD! I was thrilled and relieved that they all took to eating like Vallhunds usually do. Alice and her siblings were indifferent to food for a while, which made clicker training etc. quite difficult to get started with. These guys ate with gusto, especially Yellow girl Charlie! They ate some Royal Canin Puppy Starter Mousse which is designed specifically to be a puppy’s first solid food. Even so, I will follow up with another dose of BeneBac Plus probiotic.

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