Day 12: 12.4!!!

Renee the repro vet tech said “she didn’t mess around!”. We’re calling Monday 11/1 ovulation day. The Witness LH test at the repro vet from Saturday’s sample was inconclusive. I ordered an LH test on that same sample at Idexx, we’ll see what that says but it could take a couple of days so we’re going with late Sunday/Monday for ovulation day.

The plan is to breed tomorrow 11/4 and Friday 11/5. Think fertile thoughts!

10/22/21 day 1 (afternoon)

10/25/21 day 4 0.4 ng/mL (AM)

10/27/22 day 6 0.6 ng/mL (AM)

10/30/21 day 9 1.8 ng/mL (AM) (Alliance machine), 1.7 ng/mL (IDEXX reference lab), Witness LH negative to inconclusive, IDEXX LH pending

11/1/21 day 11 7.8 ng/mL (AM) IDEXX

11/2/21 day 12 12.4 ng/mL (AM) IDEXX

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