The Experiment Begins…

…so for a while now most of the puppies have been using one end of the pen as the bathroom.  So today I decided to start trying the litterbox experiment.  What’s in there now, at that end of the pen, is an old cookie sheet covered with a towel, with a tiny handful of Feline Pine pellets.  One puppy has already pooped in there, yay!

Day 23 - Litterbox!

Day 23 - Litterbox!

I cleaned the poop out (maybe I should have left it in there as a signpost), and that’s Lefty sleeping in the makeshift litterbox.  But you can see that there’s a couple of pee spots in there.

Today we will also put the weaning box that Kate made together (it will eventually attach to this whelping box) and put an x-pen around it where they can go for some of the day (and for when I need to change the bedding in the whelping box – forget the warming box!  It’s getting put away today, they just swarm out of it now).  They will still come in here at night or when we’re not home, but they are getting close to being able to climb out of the whelping box, and they’re moving around so much they need more space.

2 Responses to “The Experiment Begins…”

  1. Diane Says:

    Had I know you wanted to try that I would have let you borrow my puppy litter pan. I used newpaper pellets

  2. amanda Says:

    Thanks Diane! I have a litter pan for when they’re a bit bigger, I’m using a cookie sheet for now just to get them used to the idea. I’m using Feline Pine for now. How did it work out with yours?

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