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Day 5

Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Orange puppy Bravo wasn’t gaining as quickly as the others (and this is relative, you really just want 5-10% per day on average and his daily averages were 7.8%, 11.3%, 13% and then 6.47%, all of which are over 5%, but he had one weigh in that was lower than I wanted as compared to the other chonks), so I got up a few times overnight to make sure he got some uncontested nursing time. It paid off and this morning he was up 14.8%! I’m used to having a couple of teeny tinies but these guys are all pretty uniform in size.

Alice is asking to go out and play fetch several times a day. She is spending some time out in the living room since yesterday (the living room is right off the puppy room so she can see and hear what’s going on in there all the time). I am in the puppy room with her most of the time though, since she really doesn’t want me away from her for any length of time (this will ease off as the puppies get older). I think it’s a bit too soon for a walk but we’ll see.

While the puppycam is up, it’s quite dull at this stage (wait until they’re a couple of weeks older and especially once they move to the big house). Right now its sleep, eat, potty, sleep, eat, potty, lather rinse repeat.

Nursing puppies (turn it up! It’s amazing how loud they are):

And this is the puppycam setup (my bed is to the left):

Everyone is handling the Early Neurological Stimulation well, it’s interesting that some are chill throughout, some don’t like the head up but don’t mind the head down, some don’t like the tactile stimulation. But the absolute consensus is that everyone hates the thermal stress part (I wet a towel, wring it out and then put it in the fridge for half an hour), I put them on the cold wet towel and you can almost hear them say “WHAT THE HELL MAN!??!?!”

This morning’s weigh in(everyone broke 300 grams today!):

Alfa (red collar female): 351 grams (213 at birth)

Bravo (orange collar male): 325 grams (205 at birth)

Charlie (yellow collar female): 302 grams (173 at birth)

Delta (green collar male): 368 grams (220 at birth)

Echo (blue collar male): 308 grams (176 at birth)

Foxtrot (purple collar female): WOOF 376 grams (213 at birth)

Golf (pink collar female): 350 grams (225 at birth)