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One Week Old!

Monday, November 16th, 2020

The puppies celebrated being one week old by eating, sleeping and crawling around. Same thing they do every day, Pinky.

They are very vigorous and active, they’re really starting to motor around with some energy. They have all just about doubled their birth weights so they’re right on track. At the one week mark I stop weighing them twice a day unless I have someone I’m keeping a closer eye on, and I just weigh them in the mornings.

One week weigh-in:

Alfa (red collar female) 405 grams (birth 213 grams)

Bravo (orange collar male) 405 grams (birth 205 grams)

Charlie (yellow collar female) 370 grams (birth 173 grams)

Delta (green collar male) 456 grams WOOF (birth 220 grams)

Echo (blue collar male) 385 grams (birth 176 grams)

Foxtrot (purple collar female) 447 grams (birth 213 grams)

Golf (pink collar female) 426 grams (birth 225 grams)