Danger Due To Maniac (Dogs)

Vallhunds play hard. I don’t say that lightly. It looks horrifying and sounds even worse. Their idea of fun is to run around, crash into each other, growl as loudly as they can while they snap their teeth and snort at each other, bite each others legs and wrestle like they’re on some kind of Ultimate Fighting show.
This is a promo shot from our horror movie “VALLHUND!” (the sequel to the movie “ROTTWEILER!”). Vallhunds have big teeth and apparently can suck their ears into their heads for safety:


Hey puppy, wanna play?

wanna play

Heck yeah!

Up onto the couch (it’s important to stay comfortable while playing). Here Nina is performing the classic “upside down head” attack:

Play fight

Nina takes a break, Rakki pleads with her to come back and bite him some more:

Play fight 2

So she does:

So she does

Sing-along time (Vallhunds know how to rock out):

sing along
Now they get to the soulful duet:

sing along 2

The adult Vallhund’s bark is loud enough to blow smaller animals off their feet:



Rakki, always at the cutting edge of fashion, sports this year’s trend, the Vallhat:

Nina hat

Nina performs a sneak attack:

sneak attack
Rakki is doomed now:


The proud winner poses with her trophy:


After dispatching its prey with a bite to the neck, the Vallhund begins to consume its meal:

eating prey

It’s important to stop occasionally for an affection break:


And some snuggles:

Life would be so much easier if only these two liked each other even a little bit:


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3 Responses to “Danger Due To Maniac (Dogs)”

  1. Jo Says:

    Without a doubt, the funniest thing I saw all day!

  2. Wendy Says:

    Ack! Look at the cute puppy! She’s quite a little charmer . . .

  3. Emily Says:

    That is just about the most amusing set of dog pictures I’ve ever seen (you know, besides those involving Bella and Mungo. . .)

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