Snow Dogs

It snowed on my birthday celebration weekend (woo! Snow! Living with proper weather again!). Jennifer was here with the setters. Crazy runarounds (and therefore pictures) ensued!

Everybody bite somebody:

everybody bite somebody

Rakki and Cillian:
Cillian and Rakki

Cillian likes to bite Rakki while Rakki runs away, like a battery-operated chew toy:
Cillian and Rakki

These are happy dogs:
Cillian and Rakki

The Vallhunds face off while the setters wrestle:

snow dogs

Sometimes when Sully and Cillian play, it’s more like something out of “Wild Kingdom” than domestic dogs playing (like the poop in the background? Wild Kingdom, I tell you!):


Nice ears, Sully:
nice ears

Action Cillian, with poseable action ears:


Vallhunds are capable of barking, running and play-biting all at the same time, while being schnorfled by a setter (hey, it’s a skillset):

snow dogs

Biting and running, and running and biting:
bite your sister

Run Cillian Run!:

run cillian run

Okay, but seriously dude, about those ears…:

run cillian run

Predator Nina:

run nina run

Nina, doing a hockey stop (or the bunny hop):

hokey pokey nina

Please, uncle Cillian, please play with me!:

play with me

Okay, how about I bounce over this way:

Cillian and Nina

And then you bounce over that way:

Cillian and Nina

And then we bounce INTO each other:
Cillian and Nina

Then we face off:

Cillian and Nina

Then we can run side by side:
Cillian and Nina

Nina employs her JATO, while making sure Cillian is ready to chase:

Chase Me

Cillian employs his own JATO:


Nina turns on the four-wheel drive to perform a Crazy Ivan:

Cillian and Nina

Vallhunds vs. Cillian:

Attack Vallhunds

Vallhunds…ATTACK (note the coordinated attack plan):

Attack Vallhunds 2

Cutie pie:

Cute Nina

Handsome Cillian:


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