Tamarack Lake AKC Agility Trial

Nina got jumpers yesterday (I took her off in Standard yesterday for bailing off the teeter, the only thing I take her off for, but it’s a safety issue), and got standard today…but no QQ! Today’s standard run finished her MX title though and was a beautiful run! Tish is running faster and faster, and very happy, but the weaves…they are a problem.

Nina Saturday Jumpers (18 points, and her seventh jumpers Q in a row):

Tish Saturday Jumpers (took her off after the weaves to jackpot her right away):

Tish Saturday Standard:

Nina Sunday Jumpers (she saved our butts by driving to the weaves even though I was so far behind, but a bar came down):

Tish Sunday Jumpers:

Nina Sunday Standard (MX title and 28 points!):

Nina’s 2015 Nationals tally: 1/4 double Q’s, 11/20 legs, 203/500 points

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