Clarion Canine Obedience Club AKC Trial

Not a great weekend in the Q department, Nina won Time 2 Beat and got a Standard Q yesterday, but that was it. Tish ran fast and happy but didn’t weave. Zhora was the star of the weekend, earning her first Novice Standard leg AND working through a huge distraction when the door to one of the crating rooms was left open RIGHT BESIDE THE WEAVES! She went and had a look, listened to the dogs barking, then came right back and worked. I am having so much fun running her!

Nina’s Saturday Standard Q for 28 points:

Tish Saturday Jumpers:

Zhora Saturday Novice Standard Q:

Nina’s 2015 Nationals tally: 1/4 double Q’s, 14/20 legs, 260/500 points

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