Olean Kennel Club AKC Agility Trial

Very fun weekend with judge John Defilippi (who is one of the judges at this year’s National Agility Championship). Roger O’Sullivan and Keebler earned their MACH 13, so nice to be able to be there to cheer them on! Nina ran beautifully, just handler errors Saturday and Sunday kept us from qualifying. Zhora earned double q’s #44 and 45 (she is now 1/4 of the way to MACH 3 already!) Saturday and Sunday. Friday was not my best day with either dog.

Zhora Friday Standard (NQ, I accidentally sent her to the off course tunnel after the double because I didn’t rotate fast enough on my front cross):

Nina Friday Standard (NQ):

Zhora Friday Time 2 Beat (Q, first place, 10 points):

Zhora Friday Premier Jumpers (NQ because I overhandled the jump before the second white tunnel):

Zhora Friday Jumpers (Q, first place, 19 points):

Zhora Saturday Jumpers (part 1 of QQ # 44, third place, 18 points):

Nina Saturday Jumpers (NQ):

Nina Saturday Standard (NQ):

Zhora Saturday Standard (part 2 of QQ #44, second place, 26 points):

Nina Saturday Standard (NQ):

Nina Saturday Time 2 Beat (Q, 8 points):

Zhora Sunday Jumpers (part 1 of QQ #45, first place, 17 points):

Nina Sunday Jumpers (I said “tunnel” when she was looking at the wrong end of the white tunnel, then training mode):

Zhora Sunday Standard (part 2 of QQ #45, second place, 28 points):

Nina Sunday Standard:

Zhora Sunday Time 2 Beat (Q, first place, 10 points):

Nina Sunday Time 2 Beat (Q, 9 points):

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