We’re on PAUSE


We’re on pause. Essential/emergency services only.

I went in and changed our voicemail message yesterday and had to re-record it like six times because I kept crying. This is real.

I’ve seen comments from experts that if we’d all just stay away from each other for 2 weeks we’d pretty much halt this. Let’s hope this works.

It’s surreal. Birds are singing, signs of spring are everywhere, my allergies are in full swing so I’m convinced I have coronavirus every time I cough. I keep doing the math about when the last time I was anywhere near a person other than Jim was…it’s been 2 weeks since the last agility trial, one week since our last semi-normal day at work (although we stayed 6′ away from clients). We had groceries delivered on Thursday but were pretty careful about unpacking them. They say you generally have symptoms 2-14 days after exposure. I’ve been washing my hands fifty times a day like someone with OCD (because duh), and my glasses at least twice a day. I’ve been wiping my phone, my Fitbit, doorknobs, taps, light switches…. I keep seeing Hollywood movies in my head about the virus being THERE and now it’s IN ME…

I realized that last Monday was the last remotely normal work day I will have for a while. You’d think that all this not-working time would be fun and relaxing but instead it’s just scary and sad.

Mostly people are being sensible and kind. When we see someone out in the world while walking the dogs we always wave and say hi and “stay safe” which is the new “have a nice day”. This could change us in good ways I hope, when we come out the other side. My neighbor is pregnant, I can’t imagine how scared she must be, and I can’t go and ask her because virus.

We have amazing scientists and medical folks working day and night on this. The NYT daily briefing says: We have at least 70 different drugs that might help. It makes you lose your sense of smell and taste. If we’d all just freeze 6′ away from each other for 2 weeks the pandemic would be massively reduced.

I’m scared. I’m scared of the virus even though 80-85% of people can recover at home. I’m scared of what it will do to the economy. I’m scared that this will be an excuse for the federal government to stop following the law even more than they already have. These are just the most bizarre times. I am so thankful I live in New York with a governor who is doing what Cuomo is doing. He is earning his pay for sure. Even people who hate him think he’s doing a good job with this. He’s working 7 days a week and looks exhausted. He’s our Winston Churchill. Speaking of whom, I saw a thing on Facebook that really resonated with me, to paraphrase: my parents lived through a WORLD WAR, all I have to do is stay away from other people and watch Netflix. I can do that, I’ve been training for it my whole life!

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