Baking Not Puppies

I make Nova Scotia Oatcakes pretty often. I probably make them a couple of times a month at least, I certainly make them more than any other baked good. I’m Canadian originally, but I’m from Toronto and the child of English immigrant parents and I never had them growing up so it’s not like I can claim that I make them for nostalgic reasons. I make them because they’re amazing.

I usually use this recipe. And I can even make them in our toaster oven (which is also awesome and we refer to it as “the science oven”) which means I can bake these in the summer and not heat up the whole house.

And once in a while, if you don’t mind sacrilege, you can add a splash of vanilla, or dried wild blueberries, or even chocolate chips.

They’re delicious, not too sweet, a bit salty, chewy and oaty and just awesome. Filling and tasty and they have oats so they must be good for you.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled puppy programming.

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