SVCA National Specialty Day 1

We arrived last night after 11 hours of driving (well, I drove, the dogs just slept the whole way and never ONCE offered to do their share of the driving!). Today was herding about 2 hours away from the host hotel. If I’d been smart, I’d have stayed closer to the herding site…oh well! Severe weather today, lots of rain, some thunderstorms, tornado watch…but the show went on!

Tish’s herding instinct test (her first official test, and only her second time seeing sheep at all!):

She passed, she kept the sheep very close to us (performing a lovely figure 8, and nearly making the sheep knock me over – as the judge said more than once, herding IS a contact sport!). She did a lovely job of switching off her herding power at the end when I asked her to (you can see her ears go into “friendly Tish” position and her tail wag). A good “that’ll do” is a very important thing to have!

Nina’s first official AKC instinct test:

She thought about snacking on some sheep tails near the end, but didn’t do any damage and backed off when I told her to.

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