Day 51 – Regumate

So progesterone was 5.4 again this morning. Not lower, which is good, but not higher, so presumably yesterday’s number was real and not a fluctuation.

So we are starting Regumate, which is a synthetic progesterone that they use in horses. It should hopefully help maintain the pregnancy until the puppies are cooked enough.

She is so close to full term now I want to be sure I am doing everything I can while it still seems to be in her best interests. With that in mind: Zhora is acting totally fine, eating well, lots of energy, seems comfortable even though she is large.

I am very grateful that Dr Gray was willing to text with Renee and the other techs here while out of town so we could make a plan and decisions sooner rather than later. I am also glad that we have options which can help and a vet who is up to date on their use!

It does seem that lower levels can be normal for some bitches, and they can even carry to term with “too low” levels, but I’m following Dr Gray’s advice.

Hopefully ultrasound and x rays next week to make sure everything is still ok in there.

I expect my hairstylist is going to be covering a lot more of my gray hairs soon… I will be lucky not to get an ulcer. This is not for the faint hearted.

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