End of Day Three!

I weigh puppies twice a day for the first couple of weeks. It’s “noisy data” as Jim says, so you get the overall trend much more clearly with more information. Ideally you want an average of a 10% gain every day, the average and the trend are more important than the single details.

Here are this evening’s weights and trends:

  • Red girl: 283 grams (16.94 % gain)
  • Orange girl: 150 grams (!!!!!!) (20.97% gain – I can’t even tell you how much this makes me happy, and this is WITHOUT supplementation, just with some private nursing time)
  • Yellow girl: 208 grams (7.77% gain, but she had a 12.21% gain yesterday)
  • Green boy: 297 grams (16.93% gain)
  • Blue girl: 281 grams (17.08% gain)
  • Purple girl: 311 grams (CHONKETTE 13.50 % gain)
  • Pink boy (AKA Mr Pink): 286 grams (13.49% increase)

Alice makes very good milk, and I supplement her with mother’s porridge, which is steel cut oats, whole milk, Karo syrup, eggs, and whole milk yoghurt. She is being an excellent mother.

Finally, here’s a cool video of “activated sleep”. Baby puppies pop like popcorn in their sleep as their muscles and nervous systems come on line (you can see little Orange underneath Purple here, and you can see that she is really filling out and developing a bit of pudge, everyone else turned into beanbags quickly, while Orange looked like she was at lean agility weight until today!):

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