Happy Visit To The Vet!

I am very fortunate to work where I do for many reasons, not least the fact that I can take puppies in for a happy visit at the end of the work day so they can have a happy experience there before they get vaccinated and microchipped and examined in a couple of weeks (the nomograph this time indicated the optimal first vaccination for this litter is 7 weeks). Plus I think the folks I work with appreciated a bit of puppy therapy after a long week.

I was enormously impressed with how the puppies did! A couple are in fear periods and they got over their initial worry very quickly and were out marching around like everyone else in no time! They also got a car ride and tried a strawberry!

Alice came with us for moral support and to provide refreshments.

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  1. Shay Says:

    Love watching them figure out these obstacles! Can see how eager they are to learn. It’s really neat that you introduce them to so much at such a young age.

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