The Bug

So last Sunday afternoon Jim was out munching leaves with the lawnmower after a lovely weekend of us just puttering around, enjoying each others company. He came in saying he had a bit of a scratchy throat and thought his allergies were really acting up.

Monday morning he had a cough so he took a COVID test. That test line came up bright pink right away. After nearly four years, he had the bug. We put masks on right away, he isolated himself, I felt fine, and my test was negative.

Tuesday morning I still felt fine and my test was negative. By Tuesday afternoon I started feeling like I had a bit of a scratchy throat, and boom:

Tuesday Jim was feeling pretty awful, and that night I spiked a fever and felt like I had lead weights attached to me.

By Wednesday Jim was feeling a bit better, and I was starting to feel pretty rough. Just getting up to go to the bathroom was exhausting.

By Thursday he was feeling much better and I was feeling a little better, but I had a terrible bitter taste in my mouth.

Today he feels pretty good, he says his smell and taste is a little better. I feel significantly better (still coughing, still congested, but much better), but now I can’t smell or taste. If I stick my nose right up to something with a strong odor I can vaguely smell it. Like I tried sniffing vanilla extract and it was like someone driving by the house outside whispering “vanilla”, I can barely smell the ammonia in Windex. It’s super bizarre. I could taste that my coffee was sweet, but I couldn’t taste any flavor to it. I got moisturizer in my mouth after the shower I finally managed to take today after not having the energy the last couple of days, and I couldn’t taste it at all.

We were pretty sick. We’ve both been sicker, but we were pretty sick. And we were most likely infected with the by all accounts MILD Omicron strain that’s most prevalent now, AND we were both vaccinated with the newest vaccine recently (Jim had his in late September, I had mine in early October). And we were STILL pretty sick.

We had all the shots we could get, we had a mild strain, and we were still pretty damn sick.

Don’t fuck around. Get vaccinated.

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