Quick Update

The puppies are spending some time each morning in the playpen. I’ll tell you that sitting in there with puppies crawling all over you is just about the best thing in the world, you can’t feel sad or angry when you have puppies licking your legs and biting your feet.

Ah yes…biting…they have their baby teeth coming in, including FANGS. Which means that the piranha days are just around the corner. Stepping into a pen full of five-six week old puppies is like stepping into a shark tank at feeding time, you think you’re going to get shorter as they eat you alive from the feet up. Poor, poor Nina…she is such a good mum, with those sharp little nibblers on her!

Another nail trim today, everyone was very good, even when I quicked one, it was just a quick “BEEP” and then relaxed again. Good babies.

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