Give ‘Em An Inch…

…once the puppies got a taste of the outside world, they want to be out and about all the time! They come out and run around numerous times a day, plus they go outside and run around as well…but they want to be out getting into mischief 24 hours a day now. They are very boisterous now, always wrestling and playing and biting each other, us, Nina, Rakki and anything else they can get their little teeth on.  They have all been on the baby teeter, and they will get the puppy tunnel this week to eat run through.

Clicker training is going well, they all pretty much have “sit” working for them now.  Triangle Boy doesn’t like cheese much, but he loves chicken, and he is so happy to work with you that he doesn’t care if there’s a reward or not, what a good boy!

Tomorrow is temperament testing day!  They will have a whole host of new experiences thrown at them, so we will hope they handle it all well.

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