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Day 28! Grublets On Board!

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Day 28, ultrasound done. Our first time at Alliance Animal Hospital and I was very impressed (plus they’re a full service repro clinic, which is awesome!). Dr Gray was pretty sure she saw five!!! She palpated Zhora first and smiled at me and said “she’s pregnant”, and I nearly burst into tears.

Ultrasound showed all about the same size (which is good), all good heartbeats. Ovaries looked good, both had appropriate corpus lutea (which produce progesterone). She did suggest checking progesterone weekly to be sure it stays up since she resorbed the last litter.

So it’s only the first hurdle, there are more to come, but this was a big one, and she’s over it!

The Waiting

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

So now we are around day 23 (21 days from breeding tomorrow, but you generally count the day of ovulation as day 0, and she likely ovulated between July 19 and 20). I can’t help but feel anxious, I am scared to make plans or even think too hard about puppies, because the last time was really quite devastating, and we are getting into the (highway to the) “danger zone” in terms of when resorption can occur.

I look back through my notes from last year, and I see that day 35 was a Friday (June 24), and I remember she was looking “filled in” and losing her waist a bit, and I was starting to think about getting the whelping box set up and moving into the guest room with her. The Saturday I remember her lying beside me and feeling that she was getting rounder. And then the next day, that Sunday, I began to suspect that she was resorbing. I started measuring her waist and asking Jim if he thought she was looking smaller. I could see her shrinking. And then June 30, I called Kim and had her confirm what I already knew, that they were gone. I do remember that we only found one likely implantation site, and I do try to keep in mind that we were only about 90% sure that she was pregnant at all, and if she was, it was likely only one or two, and that resorption of one or two puppies is quite common.

But still.

I keep remembering that massive shift from happy anticipation to worry to dread to crushing disappointment.

I tell myself it’s going to be what it is. But Zhora is all that is left of Nina (other than Nina herself, of course), and she has so much that I think this breed needs, or at least things I think are important. And she and Bert are such a good combination, at least on paper.

We are getting into the “danger zone” in terms of timing, and of course I still don’t even know if she’s pregnant at all! We will check next week.

I keep reminding myself that my very experienced and supportive breeder friend Lynn told me that none of her girls ever “seemed” pregnant and she never knew for sure until day 28-30. She also told me she had a litter of 4 from a “one and done” breeding (a normal-sized litter for her breed, and all girls!). And many, many breeders only ever do one on purpose (how many “oops” litters are from a single tie?). Jenni’s awesome stud just sired a litter which seems to have a lot of puppies cooking, also a “one and done”. So we will just have to wait and see.

I am so very lucky to have so many wonderful breeder and dog person friends both online and in real life, who have given me great advice and generous support. This is a very big deal to me, and I am so grateful to have folks in my life who understand that.

I am trying not to fret. Trying hard. The waiting is the hardest part. For now, anyway!

It’s Done!

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Zhora’s progesterone was 1.7ng/mL on 7/17 (day 8), 4.5ng/mL on 7/19 (day 10), and 8.1ng/mL on 7/20 (day 11). So she likely ovulated somewhere between Wednesday the 19th and Thursday the 20th.

A dog’s eggs take about 48 hours to “ripen” (they are not able to be fertilized immediately after ovulation). Zhora wanted nothing to do with Bert on Friday (Bert, however, wanted quite a bit to do with Zhora…). As I was course building at an agility trial in Erie, I drove back and forth to try and get this breeding accomplished. Because Zhora was being disinterested to hostile to Bert on Friday, I spent much of Saturday morning at the trial on the phone trying to find a vet or fellow breeder who could manage an artificial insemination for me just in case Zhora wasn’t going to allow a natural breeding.

Saturday night I spent over an hour on the floor trying to help them get the deed done. Bert was willing, Zhora was…not.

And then this (Sunday) morning at 4 am, Zhora woke me up and asked to go in with Bert and got things done like she’d done it many times before! I guess she prefers things on her own terms.

While I’d have been happier with more than one tie, I am very grateful to my breeder friends who assured me that the timing was good and that many, many litters are born from single ties (in fact, many breeders only EVER do one breeding, on purpose). So now we wait. Assuming she ovulated on the 19th or 20th, puppies would be due September 20-21 (dog gestation is 63 days from ovulation, one week in a dog pregnancy is roughly equivalent to one month in a human pregnancy). Fingers and paws and eyes all crossed, because now all we can do is wait.


Saturday, July 15th, 2017

Zhora’s progesterone was at 0.6 yesterday (day 5). She ovulated on day 9 last time, but it’s important to remember that ovulation can change from cycle to cycle in the same bitch. Average is about day 14, but that can change.

Zhora was on mibolerone (formerly Cheque drops) for 6 months at Dr Hutchison’s suggestion (he’s the repro vet who did the frozen semen surgical artificial insemination that resulted in the B litter, of which Zhora is one!). He thought one of the reasons she reabsorbed last time could have been that her uterine lining was too thick, and the mibolerone will help thin things out (every unbred heat is damaging to a dog’s uterus). Average time to come into season after stopping this medication is 70 days, Zhora went 77.

Further bulletins as events warrant! Please keep fingers and paws crossed that things will work out this time!

Again, I have a waiting list but I do not do “first come first served”, I match puppies to homes. These puppies SHOULD be very nice performance prospects, as both parents are high drive dogs with lovely work ethic (and lovely off switches). I will be giving priority to performance homes, mainly because if the puppies take after their parents (as I hope they will), they will really thrive in homes where they have a job to do. Both parents are very nice dogs to live with, but they do need an outlet for their working drive.


Monday, July 10th, 2017

FINALLY! Zhora’s perfect timing strikes again, let’s hope for better results this time. She went into season last night, so we’ll call today day one!