OHBIS GCHB CH U-CH Alkemi Cosmic Curiosity LT RI

Born: September 21, 2017
Male, Red Sable, Long Tail
Eyes: AHT SV Retinopathy Carrier
Hips: OFA Fair
Elbows, Cardiac and Patellas: OFA Normal


Ruth and Orbit worked so hard in 2022, with numerous amazing results, including:

#2 Swedish Vallhund all systems (AKC)

AKC National Championship best of breed

AKC National Owner Handled Series Finals best of opposite sex

National Dog Show best of breed

2023 Westminster Kennel Club invitation

Since 2020:

Orbit has multiple regular and Owner Handler group placements, including a regular group 1 and an Owner Handler BEST IN SHOW. He also earned his Rally Intermediate title


3/31/19 Orbit earned his third AKC breed championship point under judge Dianne P Miller in Syracuse NY

1/27/19 Orbit earned his second AKC breed championship point under judge David Anthony at the Erie Kennel Club show in Erie, PA


Orbit became a United Kennel Club champion!

Orbit earned his first AKC breed championship point under judge Joy Brewster at just 7 months of age at the Troy Kennel Club AKC show in West Springfield, MA. He took Best of Breed over a lovely Grand Chmapion special (who won Westminster!).

Orbit AKC National Championship

Orbit and Ruth in the herding group, AKC National Championship, December 18, 2022

2023 01 01 Orbit TV

Orbit on TV, January 1 2023, from the AKC National Championship

Orbit National Dog Show

Orbit and Ruth in the herding group, AKC National Dog Show, November 19, 2022

Orbit 6 months

Orbit at 7 months, April 7, 2018

Bert Zhora

Sire: GCH CH Pepperthyme Tapani HSAds

Dam: MACH3 Alkemi Blade Runner LS MXG MJC OF T2B2

Orbit is from our C litter! We are excited to co-own Orbit with Ruth and Jim. This lets us keep Orbit's genes available for our breeding plans without having another dog in our home, but it also lets Orbit have an awesome life as a beloved pet, learning agility and all kinds of fun things!

Orbit's pedigree:

Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree
GRCH CH Pepperthyme Tapani HSAds
Skogsbygdens Fabian Maximal
Göta Petters Minus Maximum
SUCH Grålötens Berra Blåtira S54053/93S
SU CH Åttingbergs Rasmus S47202/87
INTUCH SUCH Grålötens Nora Näsvis S42624/84
SUCH Emma S54456/91 S54456/91
Frasse 32201/89 S32201/89
Göta Petters Kajenn S42775/88S
SUCH SV-05 Skogsbygdens Ursula Vargtass S52187/96
INTUCH NORDUCH NORDV-98 NV-NV Kärradalens Artiga Arne S35902/93
SWE N INT CH NV-93 Kärradalens Rudolf S49227/89 ST
Kärradalens Mara S38572/91 st H
INTUCH LP NORDV-94 NV-91 S&NUCH Skogsbygdens Häxan Hedvig S20893/90
SUCH NUCH INTUCH NV-88 Grålötens Nicke Lilltroll S42620/84S
NORDUCH LP NORDV-84 SLCH INTUCH NV-90 Skogsbygdens Astrid S61364/82
Onderaan De Gele Berg Ylra HSB 2661534
NORDUCH FINCH Skogsbygdens Hjärter Ess S11769/2004
INT FIN EST DK S PORT CH EUW-97 KBHW-97 BALTW-98 NORDW-99 FINW-00-01 WW-01 Fennican Lännen Lokari FIN17014/93
FIN CH Bodatorp Danne S41321/90
FIN MVA Fennican Charlotte SF07869/90
Skogsbygdens Wiola Af Bondestam S22497/99S
INTUCH NORDUCH NORDV-98 NV-NV Kärradalens Artiga Arne S35902/93
NUCH SUCH Skogsbygdens Sigrid Johansson S48580/95
Longrove Lark NHSB 2473852
NED BELG INT CH Bdssgr'98 EurW'98 W'97 BelgW'98 Longrove Larix NHSB 2.011.491
NED BELG LUX DUITS VDH INT CH BDSSGR'90 W'89-90 WW'89-91-94 JWW89 EURW'89-90 BELGW91 Svartmyrens Alfons NHSB 1.625.319
INTUCH DU CH Falkboets Signe S21215/88K
Norsled Froya NHSB 2.225.960
Norsled Wellington
Norsled Duchess
MACH7 Alkemi Blade Runner LS MXB2 MJS2 XF T2B2
ARCH Mystarz Baileys Blazer RA HT OA OAJ NF PD1
Meddobe Torsten
Meddobe Arminius
Hildrek Trygg Terje at Meddobe
Meddobe Dreams Desire
Meddobe Billy Jean
Kirkholme Billy at Rodillia
Meddobe Dreams Desire
Starvon East Rose Under Mystarz
Calliope Cosmo of Starvon
INT IR GB CH Starvon Whispering Star KCU4272504U04
Rodillia Tanzi At Calliope
Starvon Alicia W5543705W04
UKCH Starvon Andretti KCSB90BU
Starvon Time To Dream KCSB2095CE
CAN CH MACH Vastgota Nina Ricci ROM MXG MJC XF T2B3
CAN CH Vastgota Birk FJ364505
CH Tridents Bussig 1057282
SUCH FRCH Ellebo's Teddy N35539/92
INTUCH SUCH Kicklocks My Betty S56309/90 ST
CAN CH Ebba 21711/93 CD S21711/93
SUCH NUCH INTUCH Chipsmakers Dynamit Harry S54401/89 ST H
Tridents Lina S17283/90 LS
Hurstfield Sweet Burberi 1089881
Hurstfield Phrode Of Kitsam AA05253206
CH SunFire's Head's Up at Elrond DL828726/05
Hurstfield Legacy From Lana U4769804U04
Vastgota Cloudberi Arctic Gold MJ812917
CH Vastgota Herr Larsson DL910825/01
CAN CH Sunfire Cranberi at Vastgota 1069995