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We are planning Zhora's first litter for spring 2017

May 10, 2012: Tish's OFA results are back: Hips Good, Elbows, Patellas and Cardiac Normal!

B litter plans are finalized! 2012 litter planned for Spring. Please contact us if you are interested in more information! Priority will be given to performance homes, but as always, the most important thing is that the puppy will be part of your family.

We are very excited about attending the 2011 Swedish Vallhund Club of America National Specialty! We plan to have Nina and Tish participate in herding and agility, and are still trying to decide if we can get some basic obedience happening in time to try for the Most Versatile Vallhund competition.

Nina will hopefully be bred on her first heat of 2012 (after we've seen the first health test results from the A litter). Stud to be decided.

The A litter was born January 15, 2010. All puppies are in wonderful homes.

Nina was bred to Emil on November 15, 16 and 17th. Now we wait! If she took, the first possible due date will be January 17, 2010.

Emil's hip results from Guelph (OVC) are back and they are normal!

Monday, July 27, Nina's OFA results are BACK and her hips are OFA Good! This means we will most likely breed her on her next heat, which should be this November or December. Sire is still to be determined.

Thursday July 9, Nina spent the day at work with me, having her hips and elbows x-rayed for her OFA certifications. She already had this year's CERF (eyes) done. We also did cardiac and patellas. So now we wait. OFA is saying there's about a two week turnaround (their radiologists have to review the x--rays and decide on a grade). After nearly two years, this is crunch time, these results will help make the decision about breeding Nina or not (although if I don't get the results I think she should have, I will redo the x-rays and try again before we decide anything for sure).

Nina will have her hips x-rayed for OFA certification in early July. Watch this space!