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North America

Aros (California, US) RavenWolf (US)
Caliente (US) Skyview (New Mexico, US)
Caval/Tor (US) Solborg (California, US)
Corval (Florida, US) Solveigco (US)
Lothbrok (Ottawa, Canada) Larska's (Kenora, Canada)
Minikota (Minnesota, US)   Vastgota (Ontario, Canada)
Osafin (Texas, US) XSBaggage (Washington, US)
Fantasi (Wisconsin, US) Kennel Eklund (Montana, US)

Australia & New Zealand

Dlarah (Australia) Vallarity (New Zealand)
Leesway (Australia) Valkrista (New Zealand)
Morkerbook (Australia)  Vanaheim (New Zealand)


Kisselhegn Z-TI


Adavalls Handskes Kuunsirpin Tallituvan
Antimos Hongiston Larelinan Tulikåpålån
Asgård Garm    Jaxonville Maiskis Vilavallarens
Bodeneis Jorsakin Nallenevan Vinhallan
Calawan Karjakon Quattro's  
Cimillan Konnunkodon Red Guard's  
Fennican Kuukiven Region's  


Les Coeurs d'Alene
Van De Kloostertuin


von den Westgoten


van het Klein Profijt




Alla Tiders Elke's Jannicas Pihlspetsens Ulvus
Andersson, Linnéa   Falkboets Kalvsjöholms Rätt & Slätt Vargaviddernas
Aspenhill Fixan's Kogaråsen Skogsbygdens Viking
Bodatorp Fjöses Kopparås Skogsrikets Westorps
Boeråsens Flodaskogens Krösaskogens Skogsrövarens Åhäll, Erik
Bornemarkens Fläderlundens   Ladys and Gentlemen  Stenrikas Ålyans
Brandklipparen's  Gräsrotens Lejondalens Svedala Åswallens
Brokärrets Hallavadets Lill-Tegens Sydspetsens  
CatBaloo Heds Lärkfalkens Sänningegårdens  
Chipsmakers Höckgårdens Lövsjökärrs Tasstrampets  
Danga's Högalids Oxbergets Tridents  


Lille Viking's
le Trésor des Vikings

United Kingdom & Ireland

Candace (England) Linmays
Castleavery (Ireland) Mystarz
Eriksfjord-Polipetl (England)   Starvon (England)

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Discussion & General Information

  • Swedish Vallhunds Yahoo! group - fun, friendly and informative discussion group.
  • - Rottweiler-specific forum, but with many, many extremely knowledgeable dog people, which makes for a very educational forum for all kinds of general dog information.

Recommended Reading

(links go mostly to Dogwise, but most of these books are available in any large bookstore or online)
  • The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson (this book completely changed the way I thought about dogs, I think it should be required reading for all dog owners and dog lovers, it's a fascinating book which really helps you understand how dogs think and learn, why they behave the way they do, and how you can change behaviour effectively)
  • The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell (a great book that helps a lot with understanding how to communicate effectively with dogs, and also helps you improve your relationship with dogs)
  • Bones Would Rain From the Sky by Suzanne Clothier (a wonderful book about dog-human relationships, some great training insights as well)
  • Don't Shoot The Dog! by Karen Pryor (a classic clicker training book, also helps a lot with understanding dog and human behaviour and motivations, a must-read)
  • Click for Joy! by Melissa Alexander (a great introduction to clicker training, very practical and well-explained. Melissa also runs the ClickerSolutions website and mailing list)
  • Before & After Getting Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar (a great book about basic puppy training, including crate training, housetraining, socialization and basic manners - not just for puppies, either!)
  • The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller (great training book)


  • Dogwise (great for any and all dog-related books and videos)
  • Clean Run (agility supplies, treats, Clean Run agility magazine, crates, books, videos, toys, everything)
  • PetTravel (all kinds of great information about travel with pets, including airline regulations and various country requirements)