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10 Days Old – Watching Formula 1

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

The puppies are 10 days old already! Today they took turns coming out and sitting on our laps to watch (sort of, they can’t see or hear yet) Formula 1 racing. Everybody settled in and snoozed (it wasn’t a very exciting race I guess), got sniffed by their grandma Nina and aunt Tish, and decided that being away from their littermates was a-ok.

Brought to you by the letter E

Yesterday Caroline came to visit them and Friday Nicole came. I am a big believer in the value of socializing early and often. Sensible safety precautions (shoes left at door, clean clothes, washed hands, nobody who’s been around a sick dog) are important, but the benefits of socialization are well-documented (and the potential harm of lack of socialization are well-documented too). As Ian Dunbar says, far more dogs die from the behavioral consequences of lack of early socialization than ever die from disease. The true socialization window hasn’t opened for these puppies yet (it starts around 3 weeks), but I do think they really benefit from smelling new smells and feeling new hands even at this young age. Can’t hurt, might help. Zhora is a wonderful mum and keeps a close watch, but she doesn’t seem worried at all (the only people coming this early are people she already knows and likes, we don’t want to stress her).


Orson and Popcorn use Chex as a pillow

Weight check:

Ruffles – 635 g (birth 216)

Orson – 673 g (birth 189)

Chex – 644 g (birth 180)

Frito – 556 g (birth 179)

Popcorn – 380 g (birth 158)

The big gainers were Chex (who’d actually lost a little yesterday at weigh in so I was pleased about that) and Popcorn. Everybody else gained 4% and change, Chex gained a whopping 19% and Popcorn just under 14%. And Popcorn only had one feeding yesterday and it was a true top up (she didn’t even get a full feeding), so I am VERY pleased to see how much she gained almost all on her own from nursing!