All Dawgs CPE Day 1

Nina is hormonally challenged, so Tish came out to play alone. Two NQ’s today.

Jackpot (the stinker ran out of the ring – she ran out and got to play with her brother at NADAC, so she thinks there is fun to be had outside the ring…need to nip this in the bud right quick!). An NQ, but nice start line stay and she is really building some speed now. I didn’t handle very well, wasn’t clear so she ran off. STOPPED CONTACT ON THE DOGWALK (you can’t really see it on the video because of the pillars) – I learned that lesson the hard way with Nina!

Standard (video error missed her BEAUTIFUL start line stay!). Again I wasn’t clear with my handling (I need to remember to adjust for the babydog!), so we had some off courses and some wandering, but she came back to work with me every time, and DID NOT run out of the ring.

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