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Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Today was Jovie’s pregnancy check ultrasound and unfortunately there are no baby Jovies on board.

I am still planning a litter for this year, but if you have sent me an application and do NOT wish to be kept on the list for a 2024 litter, please let me know. I generally don’t start seriously going through the applications until I know I have puppies on the way, so if I haven’t reached out to you, that’s why.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

It do be like this sometimes.


Monday, January 29th, 2024

After multiple progesterone tests, Jovie finally ovulated last Tuesday (we’re calling it January 23rd).

So Kat kindly agreed to meet me halfway between us in Herkimer NY last Thursday and the breeding took place!

The sire will be Foxberry Wookiefoot. He’s a lovely red natural bobtailed boy with a super sweet and stable temperament, so reds and bobtails are a possibility!

Now we wait! More updates soon!

What’s the secret of great comedy?

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

Jovie’s people texted me this morning to say she was on day 1 of her season already! I’d just checked my records and thought we had at LEAST another month.

So today was a lot of scrambling around to get my ducks in a row (you know, like getting her established with my awesome repro vet, which I’ve been meaning to do for months).

I don’t know if they’re in a row yet, but at least I think I have ducks now.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

Here’s my application if you’re interested in a puppy from me. A reminder that I don’t do “first come first served”, I match puppies to homes, although I do consider homes in the order I receive applications.

(oh, and it’s “timing”)

2024 Litter Plans!

Sunday, December 24th, 2023

We are excited to announce we are planning a litter for 2024! The sire is still TBD (although we have a pretty nice shortlist!), and the dam will be the lovely CH Alkemi Daydream LT. Jovie is a speed demon in agility, has a tremendous work ethic, and is sweet and gentle with people and dogs alike. And she’s pretty too!

Our application is here