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They’re HEEERE!!!

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

We welcomed the E litter pupsicles (from 10 year old frozen semen) last night (in the wee hours of this morning). Five girls and two boys. One of the puppies (orange girl) is the smallest I’ve ever had in Swedish Vallhunds (131 grams, like a mouse), but so far she seems vigorous and is nursing well. We had to talk to Dr Gray when things seemed to stall, and I gave a micro dose of oxytocin, after that she got down to business. Purple girl was upside down (feet first or head first is fine as long as the puppy has its legs stretched out like a diver and as long as it’s facing downwards, upwards is going against the shape of the canal it has to get through so can be sticky). She was not only upside down but she had her front legs along her sides instead of in front of her. I had to work a finger in behind her front legs to get her legs out so she could be born. Alice decided she wanted to be on the bed, so I covered it with hospital pads and it was easily the most comfortable whelping I’ve ever done, usually I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck the next day. This morning I’m just tired.

They have a seedling mat with a thermostat set to 95 in addition to the heating pad under one part of the box (the seedling mat is insurance, it’s cold here).

Collar colors are rainbow colors in order, not gendered. Here are their birth weights

Red collar girl – 188 grams

Orange collar girl – 131 grams

Yellow collar girl – 165 grams

Green collar boy – 199 grams

Blue collar girl – 209 grams

Purple collar girl – 228 grams

Pink collar boy – 213 grams.

Everybody lost a bit since birth (expected), now we keep a close eye to make sure everyone is gaining going forward.